About LCI

Lithuanian Consumer Institute - non-governmental non-profit organization - was established in 2000.

Goals of Lithuanian Consumer Institute

• Protection of consumers economic and safety interests.
• Education, training, consultation of consumers and professionals.
• Promotion of fair commercial practices.

Activities of Lithuanian Consumer Institute

• Prepared and issued book "Towards Europe. Consumer Guide?, brochure "Food labelling?, monograph for United Nations "State of play of consumer protection in Lithuania?.
• Prepared and published leaflets: "Everyone must know about consumer rights?, "How to purchase safe illuminator?.
• Runs course "Consumer law? at Vilnius University International Business School.
• Runs course "Information society's politics and law? at Vilnius University Faculty of Philosophy. This course includes such consumer related issues: protection of private data, electronic contracts, e-banking, out-of-court dispute settlement by internet.
• Expert's commentary on consumer rights on TV and Radio.
• Lectures for professionals on consumer rights (projects with Chamber of Commerce, Association of Lawyers).
• Articles in mass media on consumer protection.

• Daily consultations of consumers and professionals on consumer rights by telephone and during special meetings.
• A lot of experiences Lithuanian Consumer Institute have in labelling of food products and
e-banking and can give to consumers and professionals very competent consultations.

• Work in standardisation area: Chairmanship for Consumer Commission under the Lithuanian Standardization Department;
• Suggestions and remarks for legal acts (Law on Heating, Law on Electronic signature, Law on tourism, Law on genetically modified organisms, Law on construction, etc.). Suggestions are provided to Seimas, Government, Ministries.

• Investigation and monitoring of consumer opinion on products and services, etc.
• Comparative analysis of goods and services (consumer credits, payment cards, insurance services, leasing services, etc.
• Reports in international, local conferences and seminars (e-banking, energy supply, rights of patients).

Work in international organizations
• European Consumer Consultative Group under European Commission.
• European Lawyers Group (CFR-net) under European Commission.

Contact us:

S. Konarskio str. 49-604, LT-03123, Vilnius
Phone number: 0037052310711
E-mail: info@vartotojai.lt