Raising Awareness on Access to Justice
Raising Awareness on Access to Justice

About the Project

Raising Awareness on Access to Justice
The increasing volume of cross-border transactions within the European Union, driven by the increasing use of the EC Treaty rights of free movement of persons, goods and services requires efficient and quick ways for consumers to exercise and defend their rights during cross-border interactions. Obstacles to a fast and inexpensive judgement are especially intensified in a cross-border context.

The project's objective is to raise awareness on access to justice, particularly in the areas of European small claims and payment order procedures.

The project foresees the following target groups:

  • adult consumers engaged in cross-border transactions;
  • legal practitioners and other employees working state institutions and nonprofit organizations, related to consumer protection issues;
  • academia and research workers working on consumer issues;
  • students of Law, their associations.

The project will equip the abovementioned target groups with knowledge about the new procedures aimed to facilitate execution of cross-border claims for EU consumers. Project materials will familiarize the target groups with new procedures and offer clear explanation how they can be used in practise by producing and disseminating an information brochure, two videos, visual materials, newsletters, cycle of seminars, project website, an international workshop. All of these activities and project deliverables will be based on the best experience, existing in EU countries, and will equip the target groups with knowledge and skills. Apart from consumers who will benefit from practical and useful information on how to use European small claims and payment order procedures, project will be instrumental for NGOs and state institutions working in the field of consumer protection, and law students to enhance expertise in implementation and enforcement of new regulations.

Research: Project activities are started with research. In order to explore good practice in implementation and enforcement of European small claims and payment order procedures, research, consisting of implementation and enforcement analysis and good practice investigation, will be conducted in Lithuania and Bulgaria. The research data will be used in other project materials (presentations during seminars, information brochure, newsletters).

A multimedia disk (Interactive Education Kit): The kit is an interactive instrument comprised of information brochure, 2 video films, visual materials (presentations).

Seminars: A cycle of seminars on implementation of European payment order and small claims procedures will be held in Lithuania (5 seminars) and Bulgaria (5 seminars). The seminars will contain practical tasks including a simulation game with real life situations of using the procedures, and will enable participants directly to discuss and get answers to questions on the redress procedures. Each participant will receive a copy of interactive education kit.

International workshop: An international workshop will be held in Vilnius and will bring together participants from Lithuania and Bulgaria. Project results and materials will be presented. Participants will be able exchange ideas on good practise and discuss plans for further cooperation and dissemination of information about the project.

Project deliverables will be available on project website and sites of partner organizations in national languages and English.