2015 10 23

Choose Fair Trade, Change the World!

Have you ever thought about the working conditions and the pay for those who grow oranges, coffee beans and other daily consumption goods imported from developing countries? The Lithuanian Consumer Institute invited representatives of youth organisations early in October to a Creative Workshop where they were briefed about the Fair Trade system and invited to work together developing ideas to build public awareness of alternatives to traditional trade. >>>

2015 10 22

First Development Education and Awareness Raising fair opens today in Brussels

The EU Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) programme fair opened today in Brussels with the welcome address of Fernando Frutuoso de Melo, Director General for International Cooperation and Development. >>>

2015 01 30

In Tartu, young people will change the global consumption game

Tomorrow, on 31 January, young people from various walks of life will meet in Tartu. These people want to fight against inequality resulting from unethical consumption habits and monopolistic production. >>>

2015 01 27

Seminar “Fair Trade: Change the rules of the game”

What is an impact of consumption on the environment and society? Do products have an ethical value? What labelling indicates sustainability of products? Should marketers undertake their share of responsibility on environmental and social problems in the world? Those were only some of the issues discussed during the Fair Trade: Gamechanger’s workshop organized by association „Zaļā brīvība” (Green Freedom) on January 23, 2015 at the premises of association \"homo ecos:” >>>

2014 12 09

Baltais tirgus Berga Bazārā

An informative event dedicated to Fair Trade will be held at the „Baltais tirgus” (White Market), Bergs Bazaar Fair, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on December 13, where you can be acquainted with Fair Trade. >>>

2014 11 21

Educational event dedicated to Fair Trade

An informative educational event dedicated to Fair Trade will be held at the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology, and Arts of the University of Latvia between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on November 21, where you can get acquainted with animation films devoted to this topic, participate in a creative workshop on food supply chains, while you can learn stories of coffee, sugar, bananas and other popular foodstuffs. >>>

2014 11 19

Come and try Fairtrade chocolate at Telliskivi Flea Market!

Tomorrow, on Saturday (20 December 2014), fair trade products and principles will be introduced to the visitors and sellers of Telliskivi Flea Market. >>>

2014 11 05

Fair Trade Stand in BAF Fair

The Baltic Food and Beverage Fair BAF that will take place on 6–8 November this year will host under one roof not only the cuisine of diverse corners of the world but also the Fair Trade movement. The Lithuanian Consumer Institute invites visitors of the BAF Fair to visit the stand of Fair Trade and get to know more about this initiative of ethical consumption. >>>

2014 10 17

Animations on Fair Trade

An informative campaign dedicated to Fair Trade will be held at Kalnciema Quarter in Pārdaugava between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on October 18, where you can be acquainted with animation films devoted to this topic, cook fair chocolate with your children, and enjoy African rhythms and music. >>>

2014 09 04

Fair Trade stand at Riga Food 2014

Association “Zaļā brīvība” (Green Liberty) has been already promoting Fair Trade at various fairs and festivals for many years. Participation with the stand of Fair Trade at an international exhibition ‘Riga Food 2014’ from September 4 to 7 convened in Ķīpsala Exhibition Centre, Riga is also envisaged this year. >>>

2014 05 09

What are the Problems Tackled by Fair Trade?

Do you know what are the working conditions and what is the pay for those who grow coffee, exotic fruit and other daily consumption goods imported from the developing countries? This Saturday, the 10th of May, 80 countries of the world will celebrate the Global Fair Trade Day, thus, the Lithuanian Consumer Institute presents three animated films, which describe briefly and clearly what alternatives to conventional exploitative trade are available through the Fair Trade system. >>>

2013 12 17

Fair Trade Guidebook Published

The Lithuanian Consumer Institute has released “Fair Trade Guidebook”, which aims at providing the most important information about the Fair Trade system making it possible for each consumer to contribute to the positive developments in the developing countries. >>>

2013 12 14

More information about Fair Trade to the Public

The Lithuanian Consumer Institute, in co-operation with its partners from Latvia (Green Liberty) and Estonia (Mondo), is launching a new project “Fair Trade: Awareness Raising” aimed at raising the awareness of the population, in particular young persons, in the Baltic countries of the Fair Trade system. >>>