Thank you for saving!

The world faces a tremendous challenge: how to feed a growing population sustainably, without degrading our planet’s resources and the environment? Key strategies will include reducing food waste and rethinking our diets.  

  • Food is a precious resource: it takes a lot of time, human work and resources to produce

  • More than a half of food waste EU-wide is generated in homes

  • Consumers have a big role to play in tackling food waste

  • Each of us and we all together can make a difference

  • It’s easy to avoid food waste by planning your food needs

  • If we use up all our food and avoid wasting it, more food can reach more people globally

What’s the problem with food that goes uneaten?

The world produces enough food to nourish every man, woman and child on the planet. Yet nearly one-third of all food produced each year is wasted/lost, while over 840 million people in the world do not have enough to eat.  

Consumers’ efforts matter

Reducing food waste could contribute to food security and availability for others. Preventing one-third of food waste globally could contribute to avoiding approximately one-third of the environmental impact.