Awareness raising on children’s privacy protection
Awareness raising on children’s privacy protection

Questionnaire for service providers

During the project period, research was conducted aimed to find out opinion of children, their parents, teachers and services providers about protection of children‘s privacy online in Lithuania and Italy. Below you can see a questionnaire for service providers. At this point, the collected data are being analyzed. All research results will be published at this website.

1. To which group of data controllers do you belong?

  • Social network controller
  • Dating site controller
  • Chat controller
  • Recreational site
  • Other (please specify)

2. Please indicate how many people visit your website every day?

  • Not more than 1000
  • 1001-10000
  • 10001-50000
  • 50001-100000
  • More than 100001

3.  How many percent of your site's visitors constitute children from 13 to 18 years old?

  • Not more than 5 %
  • 6 % -10 %
  • 11 % -20 %
  • 21 % -30 %
  • 31 % -50 %
  • More than  51 %

4. Which measures could ensure better protection of children's personal data on the Internet?
[choose 3 most important response options]

  • Formal and informal education of children, awareness-raising campaigns
  • Propagation of ‘Safe Internet' idea
  • Programs limiting browsing on the Internet according to the keywords
  • Better laws
  • Greater responsibility of website administrators
  • Personal responsibility of the user
  • Stricter parental control over children
  • Other (please specify)

5. What are possible threats associated with the personal date disclosure on the Internet:
[choose 3 most important response options]

  • Misappropriation of identity in order to make a purchase or perform, for example, cash transactions on behalf of another person
  • Use of personal data for commercial purposes
  • Electronic harassment to intimidate another person or to cause tension
  • Unsolicited advertising and commercial messages (SPAM)
  • Photos, used for advertising or placed in erotic websites
  • I don't think there are any threats
  • Other (please specify)

6. According to your opinion, which measures specified below are insufficient and should be improved in order to guarantee comprehensive personal data protection on the Internet:
[choose 3 most important response options]

  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Organisational
  • Educational
  • Self-regulation
  • Other (please specify)

7. As a controller of an internet site, do you have a privacy policy?

  • Yes I have
  • No, I do not have
  • I do not have but I plan to have it in the future
  • I do not think it is necessary

8. Mostly people refer to you asking:
[3 possible response options]

  • To provide information from which sources and which personal data are collected and processed
  • To explain the purposes for which his personal data are collected
  • To correct inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect personal data
  • To erase his personal data or terminate any operations of processing upon personal data
  • Willing to withdraw the consent to process his personal data
  • No data subject referred to me yet

9. Who do you think should familiarize children with the possible infringements of personal data on the Internet and remedies to avoid them?
[choose 3 most important response options]

  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Teachers
  • Children should have interest themselves
  • The media
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • State Data Protection Inspectorate
  • Manager of the website
  • Other (specify)