Awareness raising on children’s privacy protection
Awareness raising on children’s privacy protection

Live Video Conference

The Lithuanian Consumer Institute organised a live video conference "How to protect the children's online privacy?" at 13:00 on March 31, 2010. The live video conference was transmitted from Vilnius University studio; it was watched by the schools connected to teh network, and it was also broadcast online.

The aim of the conference was to inform the school communities about the newly updated ways of protecting the children's online privacy, to submit practical examples and answer some burning questions. During the video conference, information on the protection of children's online privacy was presented, the problem of the children's pictures publication on the web was discussed, as well as opportunities and threats on the social networks.

The video conference is a part of the Project "Raising Awareness about the Children's Personal Privacy", which is partly financed by the European Union Programme "Fundamental Rights and Citizenship" and the Lithuanian Consumer Institute,.



Opening address.
Ms. Zita ČEPONYTĖ - President, Lithuanian Consumer Institute

 13:10-13:40Children's Online Privacy Protection
Mrs. Dijana ŠINKŪNIENĖ - Deputy Director, State Data Protection Inspectorate
 13:40-14:10Social networks: opportunity or threat?
Mr. Julius ZALESKIS - PhD, Department of Law, Vilnius university, Lawyer assistant at "LAWIN Lideika, Petrauskas, Valiūnas and partners"
 14:10-14:40The problem of publication of children's pictures on the Web
Ms. Daiva PAULIKIENĖ - Head of Legal Department, State Data Protection Inspectorate.
 14.40-15:00 Answers to questions submitted by the conference participants