Awareness raising on children’s privacy protection
Awareness raising on children’s privacy protection

Script Competition Award Presentation Event

On December 6, 2010, a roundtable discussion "Children's Online Privacy Protection" took place in Vilnius, where the schoolchildren and their teachers discussed about their personal data and the problem of the child online privacy. During the event, 5 educational videos were shown for the first time, revealing the threats and risks hidden on the web. At the end of the discussion, the winners of the competition "Children's Online Privacy Protection" were awarded, whose ideas were employed in creation of the videos.

The scripts revealed the most acute issues on the children's online privacy: the children identified various threats hidden on the social networks, dating sites, i.e. about identity thefts, when unknown people hide their age, publish pictures of somebody else in order to achieve evil intentions; about disclosure of personal data and possible consequences; about the neglect of the privacy policy presented on the social networks; the publication of personal information and various pictures, etc.

21 scripts sent to the competition were competing for 3 main awards. 29 schoolchildren from various schools of Lithuania took part in the competition.

The winners of the competition:

I-st prize winner - schoolgirl Ieva Bagdonaitė from Raseiniai Šaltinio secondary school for the story of the video "Too Much to Share".

II-nd prize winner - schoolgirl Gabija Gedrimaitė from Kėdainiai Šviesiosios secondary school, whose script was used for the creation of the video "Account Crediting".

III-rd prize winner - schoolgirl Jurgita Markūnaitė from Utena "Saulės" secondary school, whose story was used for the video "Justas". 


Event opening.
Mr. Gintaras Songaila - Information Society Development Committee member, Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania 
 12.10-12.25Personal Data on the Web
Mrs. Dijana Šinkūnienė - Deputy Director, State Data Protection Inspectorate
 12.25-13.40 Discussion "Children's Online Privacy: Opportunities and Underlying Threats" on the basis of 5 educational videos
Ms. Milda Mačėnaitė - expert of the project "Raising Awareness about the Children's Personal Privacy".
 13.40-14.00Awarding the winners of the script competition "Children Online Privacy Protection"
Ms. Zita Čeponytė - President, Lithuanian Consumer Institute.

The Project is partly financed by the European Commission - Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security, Programme "Fundamental Rights and Citizenship", the Lithuanian Consumer Institute, Italian Consumer Association CODACONS, some of the activities are supported by the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority.