Awareness raising on children’s privacy protection
Awareness raising on children’s privacy protection

Script Competition

Between 24.05.2010. and 30.09.2010., the Lithuanian Consumer Institute organised a script competition for the schoolchildren aged between 13 and 18 titled "Protection of Online Children's Privacy".

The topic of the script competition was the children's privacy on the web, including the possible threats to the children's privacy, to protection of their personal data (e. g. publication of the picture for commercial purposes, use of personal data for identity theft for fraud purposes, etc.), and the means to avoid such threats.

The following requirements for the scripts were established: it is imperative to submit a short description of the idea, the event description, the characteristics of the protagonists; the script plot has to be related to the children's online privacy when the following means (or one of them) are being employed: social networks; dating portals; blogs; forums; game portals; music download sites; other portals/sites of entertaining character.

The best and the most original works have been selected by the jury that included 5 members representing state institutions and NGO's.

A professional script writer, using the selected scripts by the children, adapted 3 children's scripts and their fragments for the videos; he also created the scripts for 2 videos himself. The results of the research conducted in Lithuania and Italy by the Project partners were used in adapting the scripts: what social networks are mostly used by the children, what they do on the web, how they understand personal data, and what main problems they identify.

With the help of the selected scripts sent for the competition (or their fragments) a series of 5 educational videos was created, which were directed at the schoolchildren aged between 13 and 18.

The winners were announced and awarded at the award presentation event organised on December 6, 2010.

The Project is partly financed by the European Commission - Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security, Programme "Fundamental Rights and Citizenship", the Lithuanian Consumer Institute, Italian Consumer Association CODACONS, some of the activities are supported by the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority.