Consumers awareness raising on non-cash payment fraud
Consumers awareness raising on non-cash payment fraud

Description of the Game

Plot of the Game

"Invest into the Pizza" is a strategic game when each player manages an individual business of pizzas: owns and runs his/her own pizzeria, makes pizzas, attempts to attract as many clients as possible and, naturally, seeks the highest profit.

At the start of the game, the amount of 10 000 litas is given to invest into the rent of premises, the furniture and the interior of the pizzeria, the baking equipment, food products for pizzas, hire employees.

Unexpected situations in the game will check the player's vigilance, thus, it is important to read all incoming notices and offers. A correctly completed task earns points that will increase the player's rating and each thoughtless action may cost very much...

Objective of the Game

The game consists of 9 stages where the player has to make responsible decisions and achieve the main objective of the game - to develop the business of the pizzeria as much as possible.

The players will encounter different situations during the game when they will have to make responsible decisions. For example, incoming spam will have attractive commercial offers, try at coaxing out personal data, when buying goods in online stores, the players will have to recognise safe websites, they will lose the wallet together with the PIN code and will have to decide what to do, etc. 

Points of the Game

At the end of each stage, the player is given points and their number depends on the completion of the tasks in that stage, the income obtained and the popularity of the pizzeria (the popularity value may vary from 0 to 100):
Points of the stage = Points for the tasks of the stage + Income obtained x 0.01 + Popularity of the pizzeria

Beginning of the Game

Before joining the game, each player has to register. The registration is activated by pressing the button Register on the initial window; the registration consists of three simple stages:
  1. Creating the character: click on the boy or girl chef and use Modify Appearance for choosing what your character will look like. Once the personalisation of the character is completed, press Further.

  2. Premises for the restaurant: choose one of the three spaces available for the restaurant premises and press Further. Remember that the rent fee is debited every month.

  3. Personal data: enter information about yourself, press Approve and start your business!
    Important: only the player's nickname is visible in public, while all personal data indicated during the registration become confidential, not disclosed and protected from third parties.

Window of the Game

Only the map of the game can be seen in the window of the game. In order to navigate, simply press and drag the mouse.

You can also zoom in or out the image in the window of the game: press the zoom in and zoom out buttons on the rights upper corner or scroll mouse.

The stage number of the game, the money available and the points can be seen at the top of the window. The bottom of the window shows the menu of the game; its functions are described below.

 Furniture Store

You can buy at the furniture store everything what you might need fitting out the pizzeria: floor tiles, wallpaper, chairs, tables, doors, window panes, furnaces, plants and other elements of the interior.

In order to buy furniture and other articles:

  1. On the menu of the game press Furniture Store.
  2. From the smaller menu select the type of goods (floor, walls, chairs, tables...).
  3. Select the product and drag it to the place you want in your pizzeria.

Once the furniture is in the pizzeria, you can reposition them with the mouse to any place wanted. In order to turn a piece of furniture, click on it with the mouse and use the arrow button which will appear. You will be able to purchase certain goods only after you finish specific stages.

 Food store

Here you can buy all products necessary to make pizzas:

  1. On the menu of the game press Food Store
  2. Find the product you want. Organic products are marked ECO and will help to attract more clients.
  3. Specify how many kilograms of the product you are going to buy: press 1, 10, 50 or 100.
  4. Press Buy.

You can see all the products in store by pressing the button Refrigerator.


Hire employees to make it easier to run the pizzeria and be able to serve more clients!

  1. Press the button Personnel during the game. When you press the same menu button you can also change the appearance of employees.
  2. Select an employee (seller, cleaner or doorkeeper) and press Employ

You can hire an unlimited number of sellers and cleaners but only one doorkeeper.

The salaries of the employees are debited automatically at each stage or upon dismissal of an employee..

How to dismiss an employee?
Click on the employee in the pizzeria whom you want to dismiss and press on the button with the crossed down face of the character.


This function of the menu makes it possible to check the account information.

In order to see an extract of the account, enter the relevant code from the table of codes and press Connect

Look through the extract of your account carefully and check it regularly in order to protect yourself from potential thefts.

If you notice some unlawful transactions in money and want to recover the money lost, report the theft to the bank.

IMPORTANT! If you fail to report the theft committed during the specific stage until the end of that stage, they money will not be repaid.

Other Functions

 E-mail: here you can see the e-mails and offers received

Account keeping: here the balance of your expenses and income for each stage is available.

Competition table: here you will see your rating and the rating of other players according to the points collected.

Settings: here you can change the video and audio parameters of the game or leave and save the game.