Consumers awareness raising on non-cash payment fraud
Consumers awareness raising on non-cash payment fraud

Animation film

Animation film for school children "Our Money is in Our Pocket".  

The aim of this animation film is to inform school children that they should protect their personal information when making non-cash payments. The animation film follows the style of a detective story.

The core of the animation film is three situations:
1) The Wallet. This situation aims at warning young consumers that they should not keep their PIN code together with the payment card. A swindler steals a wallet where he finds a payment card with the PIN code and, understandably, uses it for payments at the store, fuel station and restaurant. The swindler is caught by the detective. Besides, the main character of the film is uncertain where the PIN code could be kept safely. The main character hides it under the pillow, under the carpet, in the toilet, buries it under the tree, nevertheless, the swindler finds the PIN code hidden in this way.
Conclusion: Do not keep your PIN code together with the payment card. It is best of all to memorise the PIN code.

2)  Phishing. It is shown in this situation how the consumer receives an e-mail from an alleged bank where it is asked to enter the access data of online banking: the user ID, password, and the information from the table with password codes. The scammer finds out the banking data and starts dreaming how he will buy an exotic trip to faraway countries. The dreams, however, are not meant to come true - he is caught by the detective.
Conclusion: Banks never ask for confidential information by e-mail.

3)  By the ATM. It is sought to remind consumers by this situation that they should be careful withdrawing money and entering their PIN code. The swindler spots the PIN code, steals the payment card later and makes use of it paying in the beauty saloon and in the bar. The swindler gets caught by the detective.
Conclusion: Enter your PIN code so that nobody would see.

The animation film you can see here