Consumers awareness raising on non-cash payment fraud
Consumers awareness raising on non-cash payment fraud


Brochure "Payments by Electronic Payment Means: What Should Consumers Know"

The brochure provides concise information about electronic payment means (electronic money, payment cards, credit order, direct debit), as well as presents various methods of fraud when withdrawing money from ATMs, making payment transactions by online banking, etc. There is much advice in the brochure how to avoid fraud using both technical means and one's own vigilance; it also provides an overview of out-of-court dispute resolution.

Fraud using payment cards and ATMs
2.Spotting a PIN code and card and card data theft
3.Hold-up of a card in ATM

Fraud while using online banking
1.Account gets hacked when somebody else finds out online banking passwords, which can be obtained by different fraudulent actions (e.g., phishing).
2.Online "hacking" into and transactions in the account of another person.
3.Persons introduce themselves as officials of the police, the tax inspectorate, financial crime investigation bodies, sometimes as relatives and their acquaintances and obtain the codes of access to online banking and personal data.

Content of the brochure "Payments by Electronic Payment Means: What Should Consumers Know"

1. Electronic payment means
2. Payments by payment cards
2.1. Payment cards and their types
2.2. Compensation of losses in case of payment card loss, unauthorised use and in other cases
3. ATM
4.Services of online banking
4.1. Means of payment in online banking
4.2. Money transfers
4.3. Direct debit
4.4. Deposits
5.Fraud when making payment by electronic payment means
5.1. Payment cards, ATM
5.2. Online banking
6. Advice
6.1. Payment cards
6.2. ATM
6.3. Precautions on the internet
6.4. Online banking
6.5. What to do if you lose your payment card or online banking password card, or PIN code generator?
7.Rights and obligations of consumers
7.1. Rights
7.2. Obligations
8. Complaints and requests of consumers
9. Glossary