Raising Awareness on Access to Justice
Raising Awareness on Access to Justice

Multimedia disk

Multimedia disk (Interactive Education Kit) is an interactive instrument comprised of information brochure, video films, visual materials. It was released on a multimedia DVD disk and distributed to project participants and target audiences. Below is the description of the interactive education kit's components and links for downloads or viewing. 

Information Brochure. 39-page A5-format brochure explaining how consumers can efficiently use European small claims and payment order procedures in a form of questions and answers, covering examples of already used cases. The English-language version of the brcohure can be downloaded here.  

Video. Two 2-minute video films explain how cross-border claims procedures work. The films are based on real facts and practises. The films are available here.

Visual materials. Presentations cover research results, provisions of small claims and European payment order procedures, advice on dealing with cross-border redress issues and practical tasks for simulation game. Visual materials provide concentrated, summarized information about redress procedures.