Raising Awareness on Access to Justice
Raising Awareness on Access to Justice


2013 02 28

Exhaustive information for Lithuanian consumers on financial disputes with sellers from other EU states

Although the Regulations of the European orders for payment and the European small claims establish the procedures that provide consumers with the possibility to resolve their financial disputes with sellers or service providers in other EU countries in a simpler, faster, and cheaper way, most Lithuanians do not know anything about them. The Lithuanian Consumer Institute has published a DVD, which includes a presentation about the procedures, an information brochure, and two videos. 

A survey conducted by the Lithuanian Consumer Institute in 2012 showed that Lithuanians rarely turn to courts in order to get their money back for a defective product or service they bought in another EU state, or for an undelivered product they ordered and paid for on-line. The main reason is lack of knowledge. 

The aim of the presentation and the brochure prepared by the lawyer Dr. Laura Gumuliauskienė is to provide exhaustive and complete information about the European order for payment and the European small claim procedures. By reading these publications, which are illustrated by examples and analysis of practical situations, consumers can find out about the ways to protect their rights, whom to turn to in a particular case, and what institutions can provide support. 

The videos created by the Lithuanian Consumer Institute present to consumers specific international legal procedures with the help of real examples of purchases of defective tourist travel services and failed on-line purchases in another EU country. As the data of the Eurobarometer show, most often consumer claims in the area of transportation are related either to their rights as air passengers (57 %), or to the quality of holiday and cultural services (23,7%). The statistics of the European consumer centre network reveals that more than a half or the EU consumer claims (56 proc.) are related to on-line shopping. 

The DVD was prepared in the course of implementation of the project  “Raising Awareness on Access to Justice “, which is funded by the  2007-2013 specific programme "Civil Justice" of the European Commission, the Lithuanian Consumer Institute, the Bulgarian National Consumers Association "Active Consumers" and by the national budget funds of the Republic of Lithuania. Further information at: http://www.vartotojai.lt/en/civil-justice

For more information: 
Ms. Zita Čeponytė
President, Lithuanian Consumer Institute
Tel./fax. (370-5) 2310711
E-mail: info@vartotojai.lt 

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