Raising Awareness on Access to Justice
Raising Awareness on Access to Justice


2013 02 25

Unsuccessful purchase in another EU state: what can be done?

How can a consumer protect his/her rights, who has not received a product purchased in another EU country or who is dissatisfied with the quality of services provided by the travel organizer? Answers to these and other questions related to the purchase of goods or services in other EU states may be answered with the help of the brochure prepared by the Lithuanian Consumer Institute. 
The European Union has a legal system, aimed to support consumers with litigation in civil matters in other EU member states. However, surveys show that even if people are sure they are right, they are afraid of protecting their rights as they are afraid of too large expenses in terms of finances and time, and they have too little knowledge of international claim procedures.  
The aim of the brochure prepared by the Lithuanian Consumer Institute is to provide complete and exhaustive information on the EU legal acts, which provide the consumer with possibilities to resolve their financial disputes with sellers and service providers from other EU countries in a simpler, faster, and cheaper way.
The brochure includes a detailed presentation of the European order for payment and the European small claim procedures as well as an explanation of how to make use of them. Having read this publication, which is extensively illustrated by examples, consumers would learn about the ways they can protect their rights, whom to turn to in a particular case, and what institutions can provide support for them. 
The publication has 39 pages, and it was prepared by Dr. Laura Gumuliauskienė, a lawyer. It includes references to document forms and a lot of other information useful not only to consumers, but also to lawyers. You can download the publication here.
The publication was prepared in the course of implementation of the project  “Raising Awareness on Access to Justice “, which is funded by the  2007-2013 specific programme "Civil Justice" of the European Commission, the Lithuanian Consumer Institute, the Bulgarian National Consumers Association "Active Consumers" and by the national budget funds of the Republic of Lithuania. Further information at: http://www.vartotojai.lt/en/civil-justice. 

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