Sincerely, food. Implementation strategy (2020)

Wanna inspire others to reduce food waste at home? This Strategy will assist you in passing the message across. Key messages, a Narrative, activity forms, the principles of Global learning approach – you’ll find all you need in this ready-to-apply legacy document of a successful international initiative.   More about the project: www.sincerelyfood.eu  

Sincerely, food. Multipliers’ guide (2020)

This guide provides information and practical guidance for multipliers (i.e. those who are going to pass the message to others) involved in promoting the key messages/replicating the key activities of the international initiative entitled “Sincerely, Food”, which is aimed at raising awareness of food waste and ways to reduce it.  More about the project: www.sincerelyfood.eu  

Identity Theft: Prevention through Education (2008)

Brochure “Identity theft: prevention through education” is aimed at presenting results and deliverables of ID theft project in order to transfer them in different countries and context. It includes description of various project activities: events, actions in shopping centers, comics on ID theft and etc. It also includes a reference to the project website where the …

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Consumers Awareness Raising on Non-Cash Payment Fraud (2012)

General objective of the project “Consumers awareness raising on non-cash payment fraud” – to contribute to prevention on non cash fraud by developing and disseminating educational material for consumers in cooperation with private and public sectors. The project will fill the gap in informing and educating various target groups of consumers on safety and possible risks …

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Fair Trade guidebook (2013)

“Fair Trade Guidebook” aims at providing the most important information about the Fair Trade system making it possible for each consumer to contribute to the positive developments in the developing countries. “Fair Trade Guidebook” provides a short overview of this alternative trade system, describes its operating principles and advantages compared to conventional trade (fair pay, …

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European small claims and payment order procedures (2012)

The information brochure explains how consumers can efficiently use European small claims and payment order procedures in a form of questions and answers, covering examples of already used cases. About the project “Raising Awareness on Access to Justice”   The increasing volume of cross-border transactions within the European Union, driven by the increasing use of …

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