Fair Trade for business

The Fairtrade system is managed through Fairtrade International (FLO). National Fairtrade organizations promote Fairtrade in their country and license companies to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on products. Fairtrade Finland is responsible for licensing in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and is therefore primary contact for Lithuanian companies. 
If you are a Trader, importing or manufacturing Fairtrade certified products, you must apply for certification. Before applying you should make sure that you deal in products for which FLO has a product standard; and that you are willing to respect the relevant Standard.
Brand Owner
If you are a Brand Owner, you must purchase from Fairtrade certified producer groups or traders. Products must be certified along the entire supply chain from producer to labelled product. So, if you are the manufacturer of the labelled product you will also need certification. All brand owners must also become a licensee to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on their products. To do this, prospective Lithuanian licensees submit an application to Fairtrade Finland, sign a license contract, regularly report sales of Fairtrade products and pay license fees on these sales. To get licensee application form, please contact products@reilukauppa.fi. Licensees of Fairtrade certified products may use the FAIRTRADE Mark on their final products once they have a license contract and approval for their packaging and promotional artwork.
Retailer or Distributor 
If you are a Retailer or Distributor of Fairtrade labelled and licensed products from other companies, you are able to sell these products without registering. To make sure that a certain final product is Fairtrade, please feel free to send product details and picture to products@reilukauppa.fi. Retailers and Gastronomy Outlets may use the FAIRTRADE Mark to promote the Fairtrade products they sell after obtaining written approval from Fairtrade Finland. Please contact certificationmark@reilukauppa.fi and tell which products you’re planning to sell in order to get the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark and instructions how to use it correctly. If you want to sell your own branded products with the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark, you must become a licensee and sign a license contract.
Interested companies may contact:
Reilu kauppa / Fairtrade Finland
products@reilukauppa.fi or reilukauppa@reilukauppa.fi
+ 358 (0)9 5658 680