Lithuanian Consumer Institute

non-governmental non-profit organization, working in the area of consumer protection

Activities of Lithuanian Consumer Institute

To create environment, where consumer choices are responsible,
rights – respected, obligations – conducted.


We organize consumer education projects, publish educational publications and films, create innovative audiovisual media, organize competitions, events, campaigns, and actively participate in social networks.


We conduct various researches: sociological researches, opinion of consumer and business, secret consumer researches, analysis of legal acts, monitoring of the media, monitoring of commercials.


Making proposals for amendments of legal acts, initiating new legal acts. We created model of cooperation between NGO’S and governmental and municipal institutions in the area of consumer education.


We provide consultations for natural and legal persons on implementation of consumer rights.

Development Cooperation

We build institutional capacity of NGO’s in Belarus, Moldova, Montenegro, Georgia in the area of food safety, consumer protection, prevention of identity theft and etc.


We actively participate in activities of international organizations, we are members of “Better Finance”, Safe Food Advocacy Europe "SAFE".

Key topics

consumer rights, sustainable consumption, prevention of food waste, circular economy, sustainable development.

Cases of public consumer protection

In 2015 mobile operators persistently offered their services without their prior consent. Lithuanian Consumer Institute has file a complaint to court. After it mobile operators quit calling for consumers without their prior consent.

In 2007 we publicly asked why some yoghurts in the market have
“bio” sign, despite the fact that they are not organic.  Strong public debate encouraged one famous company to change the production line and start producing organic yoghurts.

Map of organic farms

The Lithuanian Consumer Institute presents a map showing the vast majority of organic farms in Lithuania. 

The map shows certified organic farms and producers. From now on, it will be much easier for consumers of organic products to find information about the products they are interested in.

View larger map >

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