Kitchen stories. The forest

The tourist couldn’t believe his eyes… Find out how to save money and avoid traps. And why you need to use up all your food.

Kitchen stories. Bees

Bees and other pollinators are responsible for every third bite of food you take. Bees are facing extinction, and pesticides are to blame. Pesticides are also used to grow food that goes to waste. So food waste reduction sounds like a great idea.

Kitchen stories. Water

Green beans need your attention. Empty your plate to show your love for water!

FAIRTRADE. Not only a slogan

The animated film  introduces the main principles of Fair Trade – no child labour, fair wage to producers and workers, better working conditions, premiums for community needs (building of roads, schools and hospitals), environmental protection. 


A comic struggle of two consumers at the store in the video “Products” shows the range of Fair Trade products. Today the FAIRTRADE mark can be found on more than 30 000 various food and non-food products produced in more than 100 countries worldwide.

FAIRTRADE. Good news all over the world

The video depicts a TV broadcast. Watching this video, you will find out not only where the FAIRTRADE marked products are grown and produced, but will also learn about how your shopping choices can change the lives of people in developing countries.

Sharing too much

Threat: your private details indiscreetly published
on the web may become known to undesirable

Account crediting

Threat: having acquired your log-in information
(user names, passwords) to various websites,
evil-minded people may pretend they are you
(adopt your identity in electronic environment)
and make much harm to you and to your friends.

Justas (English)

Threat: you may meet persons on the web who
present themselves as somebody else and who
have ill intentions.

Job interview

Threat: information published on the web remains
there for a long time; your objective to delete it
may cost you a lot of efforts and time, while
anybody can view it.


Threat: personal data rashly published online
(pictures, e-mail addresses, etc.) may be used
by third persons for advertising, sending of
undesirable e-mails and other commercial