Presentation for teachers

Slides “Watch Out: ID Theft” is a methodological aid for teachers and other employees of education to be used during classes. The slides refer to specific examples to explain the concepts of personal data and identity theft, discuss the methods of identity theft faced in daily life and when using modern technologies. The slides not only provide information material but also include practical tasks for schoolchildren to solve in order to uptake the main rules of responsible personal data handling and protect themselves against identity thefts. The slides have many illustrations and thorough additional notes for teachers.

The presentation (50 slides) is for three lessons:

1.      Identity theft and personal data. Schoolchildren are informed about the concepts of personal data and identity theft, learn about negative consequences of identity theft.

2.      Risks in real life. Schoolchildren learn about real-life situations where identity loss and negative consequences are likely: in stores, when wallets with documents are lost and non-destroyed documents containing personal data are thrown away, etc. There is also advice how to avoid such risks.

3.      Risk posed by modern technologies. This lesson describes the situations where identity can be stolen when using information technologies: the safety of passwords, the use of WIFI, etc. Advice is provided how to protect one’s identity in the virtual space.

CDs with educational slides on identity theft have been distributed to 600 Lithuanian schools and education centres.