Events in LT

In order to reach different project target groups variuos events are planned – trainings for school children; Game Changers’ Workshops; Fair Trade fair; Fair Trade Booth at popular festivals; series of events in shopping centres; international conference etc.  Photos from events you can find here.

Trainings for pupils

The goal of the trainings is to present the Fair Trade to pupils in an interesting and appealing way and to encourage young people to reduce poverty in developing countries through every day shopping.

The trainings consists of two parts. First, pupils are asked to carry out a practical task (a small educational research). As part of their task, pupils visits local shopping centres or e-shops and check which Fair Trade products are available. The second part consists of the actual non-formal training event: presentation of research results by pupils, demonstration of cartoons, interactive educational game “Build a school in Kenya with FAIRTRADE” and discussions on Fair Trade.

Fair Trade Booth

The Fair Trade Booth aims at informing, by means of educational games and product tastings, the participants and audience of popular summer music festivals about the main principles, geography and product range of Fair Trade, seeks to increase the awareness of Fair Trade marks and encourage consumers to choose these products.
Activities offered to visitors of the Pavilion:
Tasting of confectionery and coffee
African drums concert
Photo session
Fair Trade BINGO
Campaign “Selfie with FAIRTRADE”
Creative tasks
Other amusement activities

The Fairtrade Pavilion has already visited the following music festivals:

  • Varom party, 11-13 July 2014, Dainų slėnis, Varėna
  • DEVILSTONE Open Air, 18-20 July 2014, Dainuvos slėnis, Anykščiai 
  • Galapagai, 24-25 July 2015, Zarasai
  • Granatos LIVE, 31 July – 2 August 2015, Rumšiškės
  • Purpurinis vakaras, 14-15 August 2015, Anykščiai
Visitors of the Fair Trade Pavilion were offered creative tasks (essays) to express their attitude to Fairtrade and its main principles. Excerpts from the creative work of the Pavilion’s visitors.
*** When you buy something, you know that you don’t know a thing – neither how the workers were treated, nor if they really worked voluntarily. We, Westerners, are merely consuming. Fair Trade means more than fair selling. Most importantly, it means fair trade. From person to person. Not from “human machine” to consumerist. Let’s move to a different humanity level with Fairtrade!
*** Fairtrade has high ideals. It is a fair price, the elimination of slavery, safe working conditions, environmental protection, and premiums. Who would even think all this already exists? Besides, Fairtrade is not only an idea of one country – it exists in many developing countries of the world. Anyway, that’s not the most important, in my opinion. The best feature of Fairtrade is spreading trust. This movement helps create a community of our Earth. I hope that Fairtrade will reach each corner of the world and that one day I will know when buying a product that everything has been fair and without exploitation of people.
*** As a voluntary organisation not controlled by authorities, Fairtrade is sufficiently effective in its operations. It brings most changes in such countries as Columbia, Ethiopia. By supporting and promoting farming, it allows enjoying higher quality products. And it such countries as Columbia, it decreases the popularity of drug farms. Consume the products marked by this mark as well. May be you will help as well!

Screening of cartoons

The purpose of screenings: to make the audience of cartoons aware of the main principles of Fair Trade and encourage them to choose the products of FAIRTRADE.

The screening of cartoons about Fair Trade takes place in a popular downtown cafe for a half of a day. Invited guests arrive on time. In order to reach wider audience of participants volunteers are inviting passers-by to participate in a screening.

When there is a group of 8-10 persons gathered, three cartoons about Fair Trade are briefly introduced and viewed. After preview, people get cup of FAIRTRADE coffee and can taste FAIRTRADE chocolate. After the tasting, the audience is invited to play the BINGO game of Fair Trade in order to reinforce the newly acquired knowledge. Winners get the bags from FAIRTRADE cotton.

Fair Trade Stand in BAF Fair

Fair Trade welcomed visitors of the Baltic Food and Beverage Fair BAF that took place on 6-8 November 2014.

Those who visited the stand of Fair Trade had an opportunity to get knowledge of various Fair Trade certification marks, see the examples of the Fair Trade products on sale in Lithuania, try FAIRTRADE certified coffee and sweets, win gifts.

Pictures from the fair are available below. More pictures:

Events in shopping centres

During the campaigns of Fair Trade, people were encouraged to look for the products of Fair Trade and find out how their daily choices can change lives in developing countries.

Participants of the campaigns were also able to taste FAIRTRADE chocolate free of charge and win gifts – cotton bags and shirts from FAIRTRADE cotton.

The campaigns took place on 20-21 November 2014 in the shopping and entertainment centre Panorama at Saltoniškių street 9, Vilnius;
13-14 December 2015 in the shopping and entertainment centre Akropolis at Ozo street 25, Vilnius.

Gamechangers Workshop

The Lithuanian Consumer Institute invited representatives of youth organisations 2 October 2015 and 30 January 2016 to a Gameschanger Workshop where they were briefed about the Fair Trade system and invited to work together developing ideas to build public awareness of alternatives to traditional trade. 

International Conference

FAIR TRADE: approaches, facts and reality

Date: 29th of January 2016, Vilnius

The purpose of the conference is to introduce business companies, municipalities, governmental and non-governmental organizations with Fair Trade: opportunities, pros and cons and its influence to development cooperation.