Informational material

In order to increase public awareness of Fair Trade and global development issues and promote education for development specific information materials – Fair Trade guidebook, cartoons, presentations for teachers – are created.

Fair Trade guidebook (2013)

FT presentation EN

Presentation "Alternative: Fair Trade" (2013)

FAIRTRADE. Not only a slogan

The animated film  introduces the main principles of Fair Trade – no child labour, fair wage to producers and workers, better working conditions, premiums for community needs (building of roads, schools and hospitals), environmental protection. 


A comic struggle of two consumers at the store in the video “Products” shows the range of Fair Trade products. Today the FAIRTRADE mark can be found on more than 30 000 various food and non-food products produced in more than 100 countries worldwide.

FAIRTRADE. Good news all over the world

The video depicts a TV broadcast. Watching this video, you will find out not only where the FAIRTRADE marked products are grown and produced, but will also learn about how your shopping choices can change the lives of people in developing countries.