True stories

Fairtrade benefits communities
“My home has totally changed, my personal health and income have improved, and I’m expanding my farmland…we now have a shop the cooperative established where we can buy goods, access to clean water and a school constructed by fair trade benefits.” 
Mengesha Wocho, farmer, Oromia, Ethiopia
Fairtrade enables farmers to provide education for their children
“Now my three sons are in high school, and I want to continue to sell my coffee at the Fairtrade price so I can provide them with a university education.”
Feliciano Lara Santana, a coffee farmer, Fedecares, Dominican Republic
Fairtrade helps to protect the environment
“The Fairtrade premium to goes towards improving resource conservation, sustainable agriculture and a credit union that gives out small loans to member families. It has helped with improvements to the water supply, local roads, mosques and schools, as well as agricultural diversification into vanilla, potatoes and bananas”
Mohammed Salim, PPKGO member, Indonesia
Fairtrade enables farmers to build stronger businesses
“The benefits of Fairtrade are much, much wider than just price – now I know how to export. If Fairtrade had not come in, we wouldn’t have known how to export. Before we didn’t know the language of futures, or markets – now that is also our language and we can impart a bit of that to the farmers. Now even the farmers ask about the price in London!”
John Kanjagaile, Export Manager KCU, Tanzania
Fairtrade helps farmers grow better quality crops
“Most of our Fairtrade Premium was invested in training. Courses were given on dealing with pests and diseases, soil conservation, machine handling and better harvesting practices.”
Cooperativa dos Cafeicultores das Montanhas do Espírito Santo – Pronova, Brasil
A Better Life for Women
“As a woman, being involved with Fair Trade is very helpful. They transport the coffee by lorry so we don’t have to carry it on our backs. We understand the coffee business now and Fair Trade has taught us how to improve the quality of our coffee. It also helps women sell their coffee, we have a good market now. Fair Trade is also giving women freedom of speech.”  
Jennipher Wettaka, Gumutindo Coffee Co-operative, Mount Elgon, Uganda
Farmers are proud to be part of Fairtrade
“I used to be a poor farmer from the North, but I came here, worked hard and had a better life. My life is much better since my cooperative joined Fairtrade. I earn a stable income and I learned to share my wealth with the community using our Premium. I am proud to be a Fairtrade member” 
Dao Tich thi Tuyen, coffee farmer and member of Hop Tac Co-op, Vietnam