About the project

The project “ID theft: prevention through education” is directed at preventing and combating identity theft and identity fraud and promoting identity management by means of awareness raising and informal education. The need for such a project is determined by the growing concern over identity theft crimes in Lithuania and other EU countries. The project “ID Theft: prevention through education” is co-financed by the Programme on Prevention and Fight against Crime of the European Union. 
Various target groups will be involved in project activities: youth (school children, university students), adults, internet service providers, NGOs and state institutions working on prevention of identity theft crimes. The project will also pay special attention to reaching more vulnerable groups of population (pensioners, residents of small towns and villages, people with low income) whose wellbeing may be seriously affected by ID fraud and who may not know how to act when they become a victim of such crimes.
The project envisions the following activities: 1) research, based on the method of a qualitative sociological survey, followed a press conference where results will be presented; 2) Awareness campaign for youth consisting of identity theft awareness days in schools and on university campuses (school notebook), detective story and poster contests (gallery of submitted posters is here), online fraud quiz, a presentation on identity theft for teachers (CD); 3) Awareness campaign for adults consisting of actions in shopping centres (with distribution of calendar on ID theft), articles in regional press, a radio presentation, a round table discussion involving public and private actors; 4) Online outreach: project website, identity theft online help center , an animated comic strip; 5) Project management: newsletters, press releases, information brochure.
The proposed activities are prepared to ensure reaching the expected project results: enhanced awareness of identity theft threats and prevention, better knowledge and skills of victims where to turn and how to act.