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Project title: Prevention of ID theft: Capacity Building in Non – formal education

Duration: 1st September, 2014 – 31st March, 2015

The overall objective of the project – to equip NGO with knowledge and skills on prevention and help for the victims of ID theft by exchange of experience, transfer of know-how, creating long-term cooperation of NGO from Denmark, Lithuania, Belarus and jointly developing non-formal education tools.


The ID theft has been increasing over the last few years, which is common to EU and third countries, in particular Denmark, Lithuania and Belarus. Very often ID theft becomes an object of organized crime. The researches show that population is concerned about the ID theft, 66% in LT, 62% in BY, 39% in DK.

NGO having very high confidence between members of society have no capacities and tools to provide education and information, lack cooperation and exchange of experience.

The project will fill the gaps in cooperation between NGO, lack of capacities in the areas of prevention of ID theft and help to the victims, also solve shortage of education tools. The project foresees to share experience by organizing study visit and international conference, joint creation of innovative education tools (animated comic strip, online help center, online quiz, etc.) and implementation of information campaigns for the members of society.

The project will have positive impact on knowledge and skills of NGO in the area of ID theft, create long term cooperation, transfer know how, enhance awareness of society on threats of ID theft and where to turn if the problems arise. The project also contributes to the economic and social welfare of society as whole.


  • Study visit;
  • Presentation for teachers;
  • Notebooks for students;
  • Competition of posters with international awards ceremony;
  • Animated comic strip;
  • Identity Theft Awareness Days in schools;
  • Online fraud quiz;
  • Identity Theft Online Help Center;
  • Calendars;
  • Website;

Project partners:

 Lithuanian Consumers Institute, Lithuania (Leading partner)

Belorussian Society of Consumers Protection, Belarus (Partner)

The Social Legal Aid, Denmark (Partner)


Presentation for teachers. It is an educative means to attractively deliver preventive information for schoolchildren about the main threats of ID theft. Presentation contains 50 slides and notes for teacher to prepare delivering. 600 CDs in LT will be send to schools by post, 100 CD copies in BY will be handed out for teachers in Belarus.

Notebooks for studentsInformation about preventing ID thefts, safe online payments, sound online identity management in social networks and email, crosswords will be available in notebooks. 5000 notebooks of 50 pages will be made to use in LT, 100 to use in BY. Notebooks will be disseminated in schools.

Calendars. Calendars containing information about ID theft and related threats would be beneficial because they would be useful thing to have on daily basis and thus would make preventive information more visible and memorisable. The calendar will also provide address of Identity Theft Online Help Center for further information on the issue.