A useful little book about food waste and how to avoid it (2018)
SF notebook EN
A Mindful foodie's Notebook (2018)
European small claims and payment order procedures (2012)
Fair Trade guidebook (2013)
SF strategy EN
Sincerely, food. Implementation strategy (2020)
SF ppT en
Presentation "Waste-less food consumption: are you ready?" (2019)
SF guide EN
Sincerely, food. Multipliers' guide (2020)
FT strategy 2
Sincerely, food. Implementation Strategy: Follow-Up on Strengthening the Role of NGOs (2021)
FT presentation EN
Presentation "Alternative: Fair Trade" (2013)
ID Theft EN
Identity Theft: Prevention through Education (2008)
Fraud EN
Consumers Awareness Raising on Non-Cash Payment Fraud (2012)