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2009 12 31

About the project results

The Lithuanian Consumer Institute, in cooperation with its partner the Lithuanian Journalist Union, is completing the year-long project Let’s Get to Know One Another relating to the integration of refugees in Lithuania, with the major aim of promoting tolerance towards the aliens granted asylum in Lithuania.While implementing the project in 2009, the Lithuanian Consumer Institute carried out the following three surveys: image of refugees in mass media and surveys of the public’s and refugees’ opinion, which were presented to the society and its target groups. >>> >>>

2009 12 31

Asylum applicants do not escape consumer problems

Though 64% of asylum applicants state that they know how to manage their personal funds, the major part of respondents (74%), however, lacks information on the cost of the most indispensable goods and services such as electricity, gas, and utilities, and 40 percent of them do not know how to compare the prices of goods and services, how to be economical with money and plan the family’s budget upon their arrival in a foreign country – these facts are disclosed by the sociological survey of the opinion of the aliens granted asylum, carried out by the Lithuanian Consumer Institute in 2009. >>>

2009 12 21

About the researches

The Lithuanian population and the aliens granted asylum in Lithuania hold very different points of view towards the tolerance of our society in respect of refugees: just as little as 18 percent of the Lithuanian residents think that the public is tolerant towards refugees, while as many as 79 percent of refugees believe that the Lithuanian population accept them with tolerance.This situation is revealed by the following three surveys conducted by the Lithuanian Consumer Institute in 2009: representative survey of the public opinion involving 1002 respondents throughout Lithuania, sociological survey of the opinion of the aliens granted asylum involving 42 respondents, and analysis of the image of refugees in mass media in 2008. >>>

2009 12 18

Journalists will try to bring the public and refugees closer to one another

”Less fear and more tolerance! We are destroying ourselves: we are not even surprised at hearing that a black person has been beaten, and some are even happy about this. When we behave in such a way themselves, then there is no reason to get angry when we do not adapt in emigration in Ireland or other countries. Every stick has two ends,” such thoughts are expressed by school student Kotryna Maselytė from Vilnius while talking about refugees in Lithuania. >>>

2009 10 27

Photography exhibition Let’s Be Acquainted as a different view towards cultural differences

The Refugee Reception Centre has been operating in Lithuania for 13 years. During this period the Centre received about 2000 refugees. How were they met by our society and what kind of experience did refugees gain in our country? Did these years help develop mutual understanding between the Lithuanians and the aliens scarred by cruel blows of fate and forced to escape from their homelands? >>>

2009 05 27

The photography competition Let’s Be Acquainted on the topic of refugees

The Lithuanian Journalist Union announces the thematic photography competition Let’s Be Acquainted. The competition aims at selecting the most interesting photos, the authors of which try to introduce to the public the people, who were forced to leave their native countries and who are usually called by one name - refugees. The competition Let’s Be Acquainted has a goal to create the conditions for the aliens granted asylum and all Lithuanian society to get an insight into the people from different cultures and their environment. Hopefully, the art of photography will also encourage mutual communication. >>>

2009 04 07

Project Let’s Get to Know One Another will introduce the refugees in Lithuania to the public

The Lithuanian Journalist Union and the Lithuanian Consumer Institute decided to implement the joint initiative called Let’s Get to Know One Another in view of the survey carried out in the EU and Lithuania in 2003-2008. The survey shows that the aliens, who have been granted asylum, also fall within the group of foreigners, towards which the residents show the lowest tolerance. The public has a negative image of the aliens granted asylum. There is a lack of impartial information not only on them but also on the integration of refugees in general. The conducted survey shows that the aliens themselves point out to the prejudice of the society and its separate groups against them. Stereotypes are frequently applied. It should be noted that at the end of the last year, Lithuania was home in total just for 450 refugees, who were granted permanent or temporal residence permits. >>>